From the Cavern

Monday, May 29, 2006

Hmph. They rage and rage against the changes that the rebirth of the city will require. The others all want their quiet, uneventful little Cavern to stay eternally static, some vague and tranquil utopia.

Utopia is boring. Since the DRC left, there's been no real work in the Cavern. We've seen no real progress, beyond a few explorer-driven restorations. Now they return, and the City can return and live again. They say that the changes will...make it something different. I say that if it does not change, it will die just as it did before. A scientist does not repeat the same experiment twice, hoping to get different results.

The City must change. We must have more than we had. Most of all, they fear the Guilds, I think. Or perhaps they just fear the schism they could bring. But that's just it - it's only bad in one myopic theory. They can just as easily knit together as they can rend assunder.

The Uru, the Deep City, will never be what it was. Because what it was didn't work.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


The City moves again. The DRC have managed to obstain some funding, and now the City will attempt to be revived again.

Nevermind that it's already died...once by betrayl, then again by attrition, and then finally by beauracracy.

Perhaps the City wasn't meant to live. Not like we want it to, at least. ...I think the Journey's made me paranoid. I can still hear her, you know, making some grandiose speech as she manipulated us with words. That's what really kills me, I guess. Words shouldn't have that kind of power, but here they do. In this City, Words are power. Inscribed they can link worlds, but unbound they can change them. That's all she had to do to get us to release the Bahro, all the time unknowing of quite how we were being led like leashed dogs. Words.

Phil was right. Words are easy.

And yet, here I am. I'm going back too. Better prepared this time, mind you. I've brought my laptop this time, and a solar array. Should be easy enough to mount on Relto. I've stocked my shelves with some other nice comforts, but still...I'm worried. Last time, we all were able to stand together even through the manipulation. Then it began. Sides were chosen, and the Cavern divided. This is the way of human nature: to feel that we belong, we must rally against something or someone. Now Douglas Sharper's had god-knows-how-long to tinker with Teledahn undaunted, and the DRC will be trying to dip their toes back in the pool, with Yeesha clearly already well past the deep end.

It's just worrisome. Why am I even going back? This isn't sane. I had a life after all this. Now, here I am at the Cleft again. Answering some intrinsic urge.

A calling.

Testing this thing working? I know we've been trying to set up a connection in the Cleft for a while, but I can never tell if it's really working or not.